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I just took a few pics, other albums you must bye."/ But really you could find more on google.

What Eva!

I love big cats, and really all animals in general. For the person that said some of the photos are horrible, that is a lie. These pictures are %100 percent beautiful. If u like this check out other apps like rabbit and dog plus, icon is a CHEETAH! I would like to talk to the idiot who choose the icon.

Cool! But...

Cool app but, it keeps giving me pictures I didn't even download. Please fix it!

It is ok

This app is very simple. Some of the pictures are mediocre most aren't really that good... In fact, some of them are simply horrific! I don't believe in in-app purchases as well, so this in another problem I have. Also, 69 pictures? That is all? :(

Wouldn't get it if it wasn't free

This was great. Unlike some picture apps that only have 20 pictures, this one has pictures that seem to go on forever. And the icon picture is a CHEETAH. That really bothers me. The Leopard app includes leopards, snow leopards, and I think a clouded leopard maybe. This app does NOT require wi-fi, for all you people who are having router trouble. The pictures are on the app itself. Also, the animal picture apps like this have a second category. For this one, it's domestic cats. It tells you you need to pay 99 cents to get to the cats, but you can just download the cat pictures app for free. You just have it on a seperate app.


I love leopards they are adorable

Get it!

Get it! The pictures are amazing! And, if you want regular cats, they are only $0.99!!!


Wonderful app but the icon is a CHEETAH! Learn your big cats people!

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